TechBandits: Self Learning, Recording Albums & Coding games that never end with Nathaniel Philip.

So What do we have in store!? I’m really excited to have Nathaniel join us for Today’s TechBandits (Monday Jan 4th) to talk about games as art and using game systems to tell stories and making games as a tween, as that’s when he started making games. Games that he’s got as inspirations include The Sims, Hitman, Middle Earth:Shadow of Mordor.

But it’s not just games, I’d also like to chat about his music and how he’s been approaching that. Here’s a couple of his creations on BandCamp (A platform we might want to ask him about too!):

He’s also curious about what the TechBandits think about a band called  black midi. They’re his favorite band right now, but as he puts it “they are pretty insane” and he doesn’t expect you to like them!? Have a listen and look forward to hearing what you think of what’s been called experimental rock, math rock, noise rock, and post-punk!?

See you all 4pm EST Monday Jan 4th 2021!

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