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This is the official site for The Tech Bandits…a makerspace/breakerspace, drone building, assistive tech teaching, 3d printing, robot ruling, YouTubing chaotic adventure in Science, Technology, Engineering Arts and Mathematics, STEAM inspiration.

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“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”
― Socrates

David Hewlett and his EZ Robotlett, Marvin…fuelling up for another Tech Bandits club meeting!

Head Lice Historians Galaxy gobbling Black Hole Boomers Great EscapeMail & Brain stealing Neurotech!

Stargate TV Genius David Hewlett talks tracking human history through blood sucking parasite DNA. The fabulous teen TechBandits with EscapeMail at our local community centre last week. I’ll share that wonderful experience with you along with some crazy cool Black Hole discoveries thanks to JWST and get out your tinfoil hats…neurotechnology is a decade away from being able to record and change your thoughts!

Losing 330 million dollars!? Li-AI-r! Nuking Toronto, TechBandits EscapeMail and Paris Je t’aime!

After a fabulous trip to see Stargate fans at the awesome Paris Manga and Scifi Expo it’s time to get back to TechBanditry! Today, I’m talking about Unciphered’s attempts to rescue over 300 million in bitcoins from a locked USB drive, the real dangers of misinformation and how AI fakes have already begun flooding YouTube with believable nonsense. I get to play with nuking Toronto thanks to NukeMap and I’m excited about introducing my community centre TechBandits to MobileEscape’s EscapeMail episode one!