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This is the official site for The Tech Bandits…a makerspace/breakerspace, drone building, assistive tech teaching, 3d printing, robot ruling, YouTubing chaotic adventure in Science, Technology, Engineering Arts and Mathematics, STEAM inspiration.

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“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”
― Socrates

David Hewlett and his EZ Robotlett, Marvin…fuelling up for another Tech Bandits club meeting!

Grumping with The Waldorf & Statler of Magic The Gathering…GimpyG and Me!

Magic The Gathering has been called the world’s most complex Game…but Lance Carr (GimpyG) has sunk his teeth in it like a pitbull in a Ham Hock! So instead of having him maul me (David Hewlett, World Famous CaNERDian and professional liar) every game we’ve teamed up for Magic Assist. Together we take on random strangers in our beloved MTG, we get to chat, he gets to use his big brain, I get better at Magic and everyone learns about life with disabilities, our TechBandit adventures, the film business, a lot of giggles and maybe even a little Stargate too…come and join us! And if you like what you see why not throw some loose change at GimpyG ( whose house burned down with all his assistive tech inside it…no really, look it up ( — Watch live at