The God of War and Birthday Monkey Flu!

Hello TechBandits Enthusiasts!

TrashBandit loves Monkey

Firstly, let me invite you to battle…

JohnP7's Bandits of Techno D&D Artwork

You wanted more D&D? Well, by Grapthor’s Hammer we’re making it happen! Dungeon & Science Master James R Gurney has bravely volunteered himself to host yet another Dungeons and Dragons session with us on Sunday April 25th at 3 pm EST… so grab your gear: (if you want to play with the cool 3d design tool Talespire that James uses)

And any spells, axes, orcs or poison cheese your might need for when we resume combat on Sunday!

Birthday Monkey Flu!

Guess who just got his first dose of chimpanzee adenovirus?!

Me! It was me!

I’d signed up long ago for a vaccine and the confirmation came through on my Birthday (if anyone asks I just turned 40) and I’ve now been jabbed with AstraZeneca. The vaccine is a clever little bio hack…it tricks our bodies into recognizing and attacking COVID as if we’ve already had COVID.  We’re injected with what’s basically a mild monkey flu (unless it’s me and then I make a big fuss about it and it’s a HUGE monkey flu) This flu has been genetically altered to impersonate COVID so our immune systems learn to target and attack! So, when the real virus shows up, it doesn’t get a chance to take hold before it’s taken out by our natural defences…plus we get to tell people we’ve been injected with monkey flu!

What an amazing start to this week!

MARS has a new Ingenious Companion!

And I don’t mean just my very important and globally celebrated birthday. That was awesome…but NASA Ingenuity, now that was truly out of this world!

First Video of NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter in Flight, Includes Takeoff and Landing (High-Res)

Nasa JPL has done it again… not only have they landed rover Perseverance on Mars, they’ve had that same autonomous robotic masterpiece drop off the helicopter drone Ingenuity which has just successfully flown the first unmanned flight on another planet!

Lead Engineer MiMi Aug for the win!

Here’s MiMi Aung, lead engineer on the Inqenuity Mars Helicopter project tearing up the contingency plan just after the first successful flight… because there’s no need for a plan B if plan A was history making hovering, right!?

Ingenuity Lead Engineer MiMi Aug
Ingenuity Lead Engineer MiMi Aug tears up the contingency plans!

If you want to see the whole test and all the non-contact high-fiving here’s NASA’s coverage:

First Flight of the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter: Live from Mission Control

But come one! Flying a drone, that’s no big deal, right?

Drone vs Monkey

Maybe not on Earth…but how about on the, less than hospitable, surface of Mars!

Not That God of War!

Mars, the red planet, originally named for the God of War, a planet where I’d only weigh 37 kg (81 pounds) even after all that Birthday Cake!

NASA has a really cool Mars section on their website that you should check definitely check out: What was the most surprising information about Mars you found and why?

You can also have a look and see what you’d weigh all over the solar system on Weight on Other Planets and how and why it works the way it does (hint: it has nothing to do with dieting!)

Looking forward to discussing other planets and any other Science Technology Engineering Arts or Math related inspirations you’ve got for us on Thursday at 4pm EST…given the way this Monkey Flu is wiping me out, I don’t think I’m going to be much fun before then.

Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Brilliant!

Cheerio & Huzzah!


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