The Great Geek Escape

Two cute detective raccoons holding big magnifying glasses look for escape room clues as prompted by Stargate hero genius imagined by midjourney AI
The Great Geek Escape
Our latest TechBandits adventure exploring great escape room Designs with the magnificent RandyTheMagicMan was freaking amazing…huge thanks to Randy for being so fun, informative and gracious a guide…see it for yourself here:
Lance (GimpyG) and I were so inspired to discover that something as awesome as escape room design, turns out to be an awesome opportunity to learn! The whole process of building these projects includes problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork, physics, storytelling, business,electronics, engineering, acting, design, writing, math…and probably a ton of other topics that I haven’t even realized yet!

I’ve decided that we should be building Escape Rooms at schools the way we put on School Plays! Just imagine how many creative connections could be made by incorporating the imagining and engineering of something like this…not to mention the problem solving skills needed to escape them!?

One of my absolute favourite parts of TechBanditry is all the research! And let me tell you, going down the rabbit hole for this week’s TechBanditry was particularly enjoyable! Here are my Escape Room Shownotes to inspire you to lock yourself & others in rooms and become masters of escape!
Stargate genius Rodney Mckay shows off a robot that is all thumbs as prompted by Hewlett and imagined by Midjourney AI
All thumbs!
All this escape room fun not enough for you? Check out Dani Clode, who developed a 3D-printed extra thumb controlled by your toes. It seems that prosthetics not only change the way we interact with the world…but might even reshape the very inner workings of our brains too!? It’s another funny and thought-provoking video by the fabulous folks at Freethink…Three Thumbs up from me!
A giant nose robot by the sad little hound it can replace standing in a field of plants and flowers as prompted by Stargate leader and imagined by Midjourney AI!
Smell Bot
I’m always following the scent of cool technology! So, I couldn’t resist including the Smell Bot! It is a a cyborg locust used to sniff out scents and this biological best is better at it than a blood hound…I’ve got so much Squirreling to do over this smelly new tech!!
It's raining money gold coins for a pack of well-dressed raccoons as prompted by Stargate genius and imagined by Midjourney AI

And finally, next Tuesday’s TechBanditry! We’re getting down to Business! What’s the best way to find something you love that you can make money doing? We’ll brainstorm some ideas and figure out how TechBandits can help make these dreams, of joyful prosperity, a reality…with the help of a TechBandits MiniEmpire contest to turn kids into entrepreneurs who can make a profit and a difference to our planet and it’s many inhabitants!?
Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Brilliant!
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