Time management & Rainbows

Hewlett Diary: How do you schedule and organize your life? What software do you use, apps, websites…time management strategies? Whatever you use, be sure to schedule time to see our friends’ Rainbow Sun Franks’ big gaming episode of the Listener tonight! Here’s the link to his Console Creatures: https://www.youtube.com/user/ConsoleCreature
I’m just a big fan of the guy, he and I did rather make his life misery at times on Atlantis, but I always really like the guy. He’s very “Fanatical” and always seems to be geeking out about something or another…gaming, acting, filming, music, fashion…he even has his own restaurant! Not sure how HE schedules all these thigns…I used to be quite committed to the Franklin Covey’s scheduling system…read the 7 Habits book a few hundred times and despite all the spirituality stuff that usually turns me off, I really enjoyed the common sense simplicity of it. I’ve heard great things about the Get Things Done approach, but I’m beginning to feel like all my attempts at computerizing the process has become yet another form of procrastination!? Which I suppose it is! I’m playing with Any.do and Wunderlist.com as well as Google To-Do’s, Mac calendar and lists etc. and even considering going back to paper!? I feel like the most important thing is to commit to something and things will come together, but I just don’t know which one to settle on.

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