TinkerCad Makerspace learning, Private Tech Bandits and the amazing DSTAT!

Yes I’m back doing my burn on learns on YouTube. Turns out there just aren’t enough hours in the day and so I wanted to make sure that I at least acknowledge the fact that I exercise today even if it’s not particularly timely. Great day today had a little private tech banded session with a friend of ours kids got to talk all about the new PC components and such that was fun talking to these young kids about PC bills because they just know so much stuff and so we basically had a little play day doing that. Another great part of the day was spent talking to DSTAT my friend the staff dad about his career which is an ongoing series of interviews that I’m doing That is inspired by lets talk science and they’re amazing database of careers the kids can explore. And not to forget to learn of my burn out I listened to the last tinker cad educators webinar today talking about how to maker space the education process so teach the Maker’s approach to education and education space is very cool.

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