Virtual Holiday anyone?…haunted armour and cursed die in GameBandits D&D!

Hello again Bandit Fans!

The GoogleNoodles portion of the DStat sponsored PC Build sounds like it was a great success…and was up and running in time for her to use it on our amazing Dungeons and Dragons Stream. The only issue was a lack of sufficient cables to power all the unicorn vomit (LED) fans in the case …I dropped off a splitter cable Friday… so she should have all four fans a-whirring in no time too!

ImIronHam is still fully immersed (Dad pun!) in this whole VR thing. We are currently using an old development HTC Vive developers kit, but are definitely in the market for an upgrade!

Having been stuck in lockdown with two geeks and a crazed wiley coyote, queen of a mutt, Huzzah! Jane is understandably dying to be able to get out and start travelling again. So I thought why not combine VR with the travel bug and I started hunting for some suitably impressive virtual tours…here’s what I found: best travel VR was a great starting point that led me to the following standout VR destinations

While Google Earth VR was exciting and new to me…turns out it was old news to the TechBandits, many of whom have had a chance to try it out at school events..though they all agreed it was kinda cool…so check it out:

What the Bandits might not know is that there’s also a Random street view generator that can instantly teleport you anywhere! Here’s a few places that came up when I started clicking…and clicking…and clicking…I love this thing!!!

Where will it send you? Take a random trip and let me know what, where and why they’re your favourite! has some stunning footage of truly breathtaking parts of this amazing planets which reminded me just how breathtakingly diverse and beautiful the landscape of this little blue planet can be…definitely worth saving, I’d say! 😉

Or maybe this glorious globe trotting is all too local?

How about something a little further out…like exoplanets . The NASA folks estimate that there is at least one planet for every star in the galaxy…meaning there are billions of planets in our galaxy alone! Why not explore some of those in the process?

NASA’s Eyes on Exoplanets

The Eyes on Exoplanets project reminded me of our past chats about robots being used to explore space for us. When those robots are combined with VR technology do you think we’ll be able to truly see these planets for ourselves…through their robotic eyes?

MotorTV shows off Toyota’s T-HR3 VR controlled Humanoid

For the complete list here’s the link:



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