Votes, Witchers, Hacks and Haunted Game lobbies!

Trash Panda of Terror

Gaming Goes for Votes as US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a dynamic, new addition to American politics, joined twitter and immediately started looking for people to play Among Us with…

Ms Ocasio-Cortez quickly teamed up with twitch royalty Pokimane and HasanAbi …but then needed to get her hands on a gaming and streaming computer! Could this be a welcome new approach to politics in our neighbour to the South? You can check out the stream… which happens (happened) Tuesday Oct 20th at 9pm EST:

Alexandria isn’t the only politician with gaming credentials… it seems Joe Biden has a rather impressive Animal Crossing Island!?

And of course there was the infamous Roblox hacking that added MAGA (Make America Great) hats and “Tell your parents to vote for Trump” to Roblox accounts!

And speaking of Hacks… you may not get that quiet time you’re looking for between games in Phasmophobia. If you happen to be using a modded version of the game that’s been allowing hackers to add extra scary and traumatizing Jump scares to the lobby!?

I have no idea what they actually did, so take care following links if you don’t want your own jump scare… and turn your sound off…or down if you do… a bit of swearing in these too I should say!

I thought is was really interesting to learn how Poland has doubled down on video game development by investing in education… specifically the math skills needed to equip the next generation of game developers:

One of the big winners in Poland’s bid for video game supremacy is a company called Projekt Red who you’ve probably heard of because of their game, The Witcher! Here’s a great history of the game series, including some awesome gameplay!:

If they sound familiar it might be because they are behind one of the biggest new upcoming game releases… Cyberpunk 2077!:

Caution! Violence & Language and the amazing Keanu Reeves! You have been warned!

Here’s the latest on what we know about it thus far!

Now… let’s play some Among us!!!!

Little follow up … here’s some coverage of the AOC Among Us event…

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