VR Bandits of the Oasis!?

Hello Bandits!

Let’s play with reality… Virtual reality that is.

Bratlett has dusted off our old Vive development headset and it got us thinking about how the technology is going to be used (or is being used as the case may be)… Gaming seems to get all the attention when it comes to VR right now, but that is about to change… possibly quite a lot!

I am convinced that virtual reality and robotics is going to change everything! Imagine that the robot below isn’t just standing beside the controller…it’s standing on another planet!

Telexistence is a neat term for this idea…here’s a mock-up of how these things could work:

I wasn’t really interested in the Oculus headset, partially because of the need to sign into Facebook in order to use it…but the idea of an infinite office with as many monitors as I want

But how does Virtual Reality work… and why does it make me and 4 out of 10 people on average, feel motion sickness!?

Here’s a couple of videos on how to beat motion sickness…all of which I’m going to have to give a go if I’m going to try this again!

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