Written Off

Hewlett Diary: I don’t write anything without a clear and looming deadline, what about you? What gets you writing? How do you make it happen? What scripts, novels, fan fiction, games or poetry are you trying to get done and how can we help? I’d love to get a regular video up here that deals with writing, something to inspire and give some insight into the process of writing, both as a hobby and as a profession. It’s something the keeps me awake at night and I find it’s often a great kick in the pants to talk about it. Had a couple of great chats over the last couple of days one with the always inspiring Qdragon who is busy on a million things as usual, one of which is a project called “I believe in Science” http://www.patreon.com/IBelieveInSci We’re going to have a google hangout about it so he can let everyone know the details and share why this is so important to him and his cohorts. Also had a long chat with Steve Eramo:
Who has got to the point with his writing (18 years worth of writing about television and film) that he feels guilty if he’s not writing…so much so that he has to leave the house and do something if no writing is happening. It’s a great habit and as I know, guilt is a fantastic motivator!

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