Xbox Assistive Tech

How do people with disabilities play video games?

I spoke to Microsoft XBox and they have, very kindly, sent us a couple of adaptive XBox controllers and inputs… so our mission is to use our Tech Terrors STEAM skills to figure out how people with various disabilities can join us playing video games!  We’ll have to see if it runs on my old Xbox 360S 1439 model!

We’ll have to see if it’ll run on my old Xbox 360

SpecialEffect is a wonderful UK charity at the forefront of this amazing kind of adaptive technology…and if you’re a gamer you should consider signing up for their GameBlast19 charitable event!

Minecraft with your eyes…what other games could you play like this?

They have even created an add-on for Minecraft that allows you play it with your eyes! Check it out:

Here’s the official info from Xbox:

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