Indigenous gamers, How do we kill gaming toxicity and No PCs or Gaming Console…blame the bots…or build join them!?

I found this CBC article on a couple of game streamers looking out for fellow indigenous gamers up here in Canada (Merasty-Moose, MarMarGaming, FoxingAround so I looked them up! I haven’t had a chance to really dive in so I’m not sure if they’re family friendly or not (I’m sure our Bandits are really worried about that! 😉 They’re streaming on Facebook Gaming as well, as the usual Twitch. Merasty-Moose is Cree from O Pipon Na Piwin Cree Nation (South Indian Lake) in Manitoba and he’s started Moose Tree Gaming. I’ve gotta say, I love their merch!

Moose Tree Gaming

I also saw that they’ve done a recent Indigenous Gaming Panel

Foxing Around: Indigenous Gaming Panel

Has anyone had any experience with Facebook’s attempt to dominate game streaming? One of the tips I got from Business entrepreneurs was to explore new social media and online platforms and become a big fish in a smaller, growing pond. Could there be an opportunity here for GameBandits looking to gain a new audience?

Angry Gamer destroys desk

Now…Let’s Get Toxic?

Toxicity is just a normal part of online gaming, right? Or is it? Check out this Wired article that delves deep into the disturbing world of toxic gamers:

They say we’ve got to change this acceptance of toxicity in the gaming world and mention a great organization I’d never heard of called Raising Good Gamers that is holding a TEDTALK for high school students who play video games… isn’t that every high school student?! They want to hear your ideas, help you create a talk of your own that could become a featured TED TALK (I would be SO jealous!) and a chance to speak at the Games For Change Festival

Raising Good Gamers Games For Change and Connected Learning Lab

And what do sneakers, PC parts and Gaming Consoles have in common… they’re all sold out! Anyone got a new Gaming Console… No? Well, looks like shopping bots is the problem!

Your Own Shopping Bot -Archer News Network

So what exactly are these “bots” of which I speak?

How Do Shopping Bots Work?
What is a bot!?

If you like this idea, which I certainly do… though I am worried a bit about the legality of this kind of thing…the rules are changing fast about all this…I found this great tutorial by on how to use Python to create bots of your own…it’s kind of amazing!

The Great TechWithTim Python Bot Tutorial!

Any other gaming related news or views you want to share… giver!

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